The foundation has a budget for the year of 110,000 euros

Ciutadella Cultura arranges 2009's programme of events

The recently-formed foundation hopes that an agreement with the Salesian Community will allow outdoor activities to be held in the Santa Clara patio

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Teatre des Born. Closed whilst an extensive refurbishment is carried out

Teatre des Born. Closed whilst an extensive refurbishment is carried out

C.M.W. Maó
The board of the recently-formed Fundació Ciutadella Cultura has approved its first plan of action, which relates to 2009. The foundation has a budget of 110,350 euros, of which 70,000 is provided by Ciutadella Council plus the 10,000 euro funding capital. A further 13,000 euros should be forthcoming from other administrations and sponsors and 17,350 from the sale of tickets to organised events.

One of the priorities in the plan is to employ a manager for the foundation who will work part-time this first year. His job will be to co-ordinate the reform project on the Teatre des Born and supervise work on the Auditorium Joan Pons as well as being responsible for the programme of activities for the coming year.

The lack of venues for events in the area has led the foundation to come up with the idea of an agreement with the Salesian Community under which the Santa Clara patio could be used during the summer for outdoor activities. The patio is a spacious area, central and suitable for installing a ticket office in the entrance. The foundation is also looking into the possibility of acquiring a covered stage, some 14 metres by 14, which could be installed in the patio for shows.

Programme for 2009
Street Theatre Week - different shows to be performed in the streets or on open-air stages. This would be an alternative way to bring theatre to the public at a time when there is a lack of indoor venues in the town. The idea would be to invite local and foreign companies to take part. The week would be held in July and would need a budget of 32,000 euros.

Band Music - a cycle of concerts by different local bands with a final performance featuring all the participants in the patio of the Colegio Salesiano. This would be in May and would cost 10,250 euros.

Dance Festival - the Board proposes to organise a week of different shows in which the various municipal dance groups would participate. Planned for September and with a budget of 12,100 euros.

Theatre and Schools - a project to bring theatre to schoolchildren by offering shows in the schools or in the Teatre de Calós, adapted to the children's ages. Planned for Octobr or November with a budget of 8,000 euros.

Young Music - to give the numerous young groups the chance to play their music in a festival. This would be in September and would require 5,000 euros.

Film Festival - the foundation would participate in the Mèdit (Mediterranean Film Festival) which includes different activities: short film competition, video shows, video-art and workshops. This would take place in July and would cost 10,000 euros.

Young Artist of the Year
The Ciutadella Cultura foundation proposes to organise an annual prize which would be awarded to a student who had proved outstanding in any of the disciplines in the art world.

The idea is that the award would help in offsetting costs incurred by youngsters while studying and training, especially away from the island. Each year the youngsters selected would be given a cash prize to help them to continue their studies or attend courses on a national or international level.

This year the foundation's board will decide on the rules which will govern the competition.


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