Minor damage reported elsewhere on island

Gale force winds leave Cap d'Artrutx in state of disaster

Five villas were left completely open to the elements after their doors and windows were ripped off by the winds and streets were covered in rubble

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Impassable. Police closed the urbanisation to traffic and patrolled the area to stop looters



Saturday's gale force winds, which saw gusts of up to 110 kilometres per hour left a trail of damage in the urbanisation of Cap d'Artrutx at the western end of the island.

Doors and windows were ripped off their hinges, leaving five villas completely open to the ravages of the weather, gardens were destroyed and the streets were littered with earth, rocks and large blocks of concrete, forcing police to close the urbanisation to traffic and to patrol the area throughout the night to prevent looting.

The Mayor of Ciutadella, Llorenç Brondo, and two Councillors, Germán Jover and Gabriel Cardona, visited the area on Sunday to see the damage at first hand. The Council is now studying the possibility of requesting the State Government to declare Cap d'Artrutx a disaster area, in which case compensation would be provided by the State; if not, the cost of repairs will have to be met by the insurance companies. The Island Council and Balearic Government will prepare reports to reinforce Ciutadella's petition to the central government.

An office has been set aside in the Local Police headquarters in Ciutadella to deal with owners whose property has suffered storm damage, not only in Cap d'Artrutx but elsewhere in the municipal district. The Council wants to draw up as detailed a list as possible of all the damage caused and the number of people affected to support its application to the State Government.

The office will remain open for the next few days, between 0800 and 1330 hrs., and information can also be obtained by telephoning 971 380 787.

Jetty and pontoon damaged
The exterior jetty currently under construction at Son Blanc suffered minor damage during Saturday's storm which saw winds of 100 kms. per hr. and waves six metres high. The last module of the jetty to be installed was moved out of place by one to two metres but will be repositioned when work can be resumed.

One of the pontoons at Cala en Busquets was damaged in the storm and another slightly moved out of position.

Minor damage elsewhere
Around the rest of the island, only minor damage has so far been reported, Ciutadella having born the brunt of the gale force westerly winds. Fallen saplings, twisted streetlights, overturned rubbish containers and damaged bus shelters accounted for the majority of the problems reported, although there were a few power cuts caused by branches falling on electricity cables. In Alaior a pine tree fell on the gateway to the town's cemetery.

The ports of Maó and Ciutadella, both of which had been closed during the day were both re-opened at 2400 hrs. on Saturday night, although another yellow alert was issued on Sunday afternoon, warning of rough seas.


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