C.M.W. Maó
In accordance with an agreement made with the Protectora de Animales, Ciutadella Council is looking for land on which the association can open a refuge. The Council wants to rent a plot of around 6,000 sq.m., with water laid on and preferably with some kind of building, even if it is only a tool shed, stable or barn. Owners of land that may be suitable have until 6th February to present their proposal to the Council for consideration.

Several years ago the animal protection society asked for Council help in providing a location for a refuge which would be used to shelter abandoned animals that have been rescued as well as an adoption centre. It would also serve as a centre for the association's activities.

For years the association has been responsible for controlling the colonies of cats in the district, sterilising the females to keep the numbers down. Volunteers maintain the control points which have been set up, in Dalt Sa Quintana, Platja Gran, Canal Salat, the port and on urbanisations, where dispensers provide dried food and water for the feral cats.