Ciutadella. Day centre to be located in Calle Ciudad de Oristano


C.M.W. Maó
The Island Council has proposed that a day centre for people affected by Alzheimers and other cognitive disorders should open in Ciutadella at the beginning of 2010. The Councillor for Social Action, Noemí Gomila, has stated that the administrative work is already under way and that the project will have a guaranteed budget of 600,000 euros.

Although admitting that it is hard to fix a time schedule for the project, Gomila stated that the centre, which will occupy the ground floor of a block of state-subsidised flats in Calle Ciudad de Oristano, Ciutadella, could even be functioning by the end of this year.

No in-depth study has been carried out on the number of people on the island affected by Alzheimers and other cognitive disorders but information gathered by the Island Council via different associations would indicate that the figure is around 1,200.

The new centre will be a modern and functional area designed to take into account all the factors that could benefit the patients' wellbeing. For example, special care will be given to deciding the colour scheme, the shades chosen being designed to stimulate both the mind and the motor system. The surroundings will be rich in contrasts as this has been proven to be a factor in helping to increase visual perception. Acoustic factors will also be taken into account in the interior decor.

A day centre for treating such problems has been open in Maó for three years and this service will be reinforced when the centre in Ciutadella opens next year. The need for additional places is due to an increase in life expectancy over recent years, which implies that a larger number of people are going to need assistance in the final stages of their lives.