Biodiesel. Available on the island since last October


Some 98% of motor vehicles run on fuel derived from oil, a limited resource which is gradually running out and which is harmful to the environment.

An alternative to petrol and its derivatives is Biodiesel, a renewable, clean, vegetable fuel which is mainly made from new and used vegetable oil and which can be used to power any vehicle with a diesel engine.

These oils, which could come from sunflowers or soya, are converted to biodiesel by chemical processes known as esterification and transesterification which transform them to methyl esters.

The fuel is both renewable and clean and reduces the emission of unburned particles and hydrocarbons by 50% and 80% repectively, thus helping to combat the greenhouse effect. It also reduces the opacity of fumes by up to 70% and, alone, it is free of carcinogenic fumes, as well as being completely biodegradable.

Biodiesel does not affect the efficiency of the engine but its better lubricating properties reduce engine wear and tear and it also breaks down residues and carbon deposits in fuel lines and the combustion system, leaving them clean.

The fuel can be mixed with normal diesel in varying proportions. Currently the petrol stations are supplying fuel for diesel engines with a 12%, 20% or 30% content of Biodiesel.

At the moment the price is lower than that for conventional diesel as the Balearic Government has exempted it from taxes until 2012.