The Local Police have identified three youths aged between 20 and 30 years as suspects for various robberies in the Avenida Verge del Toro, Ferreries, at the end of January, when a tobacconists, bazaar and gardening shop were broken into in broad daylight. The police are not ruling out the possibility that the group of youngsters may also have been responsible for other break-ins.

Last Wednesday the National Police in Ciutadella arrested a suspect in connection with the recent spate of robberies in Calle Carnisseria in the town.

According to the State Government's Island Director, Javier Tejero, initial indications are that the robberies may have been carried out by a gang of three people. Another two people have been identified as possible suspects in the crimes. Tejero was unable to provide further details as the investigation is ongoing, but stated that the police had received a total of seven formal complaints of robbery from both commercial outlets and private houses in Calle Carnisseria.