Scenery. A magnificent view of Cavalleria bay as seen from the bridle path


One of Menorca's best features is its scenery and what better way to enjoy the landscape and sea views than on horseback? Since the Camí de Cavalls, the 220 km. bridle path which encircles the island, opened in its entirety it has become increasingly popular with local horsemen and women and visiting riders and a group of companies has now been formed to promote this asset as a tourist attraction.

To date, twenty-one companies have joined the group, the Col·lectiu d'Empresaris Turístics del Producte Eqüestre a Menorca, but the hope is that this number will gradually increase. The group members cover a range of areas either connected with equestrianism, such as trekking or shows, or in complementary fields such as accommodation or travel agencies.

The objective is to convert the Camí de Cavalls into something more than just a path, by providing accommodation along the route, so that both riders and their mounts can stop overnight and then continue on their way, which would enhance its appeal to the equestrian tourism market. The eight establishments in the group currently offering accommodation are fairly well spread out along the length of the bridle path, offering would-be trekkers a choice of places in which to break their journey. This would give the island another aspect from which to attract tourists and is an area that the Fundació Destí Menorca (the Menorcan Tourist Board) is currently trying to develop.

The complementary activities, such as horse shows, or horse breeding establishments would be of interest not only to tourists on equestrian holidays but also to residents.

The Councillor for Tourism, Lázaro Criado, explained that the aim was to publicise the many opportunities opened up by an asset such as the Camí de Cavalls which could encourage many parallel activities and provide a lot of employment.