4th ESO D Diversificació

IES Josep Miquel Guàrdia


In the English lessons we spoke about and compared the education system in Spain and in England.

This interview is to Connor Burgess. He is a classmate , who is English and moved to Menorca three years ago. We asked questions to him about his state school: Lymm high school in Manchester.

1. Did you pass the SATS exam at 11?

Yes,I did.

2. Did you go to a mixed school?

Yes, I did

3. Did you go to a state school or a private school?

I went to a state school

4. Did you wear a uniform?

Yes, I did. I wore a dark blue jacket, a green tie, grey trousers, a white shirt and black shoes.

5. In P.E. did you have to wear the P.E. kit?

Yes, I did.

6. Did you do sport in your secondary school?

Yes,I played football and rugby.In England girls and boys don't do P.E. together.

7. How many subjects did you have?

I studied Technology, Food Technology, Maths, Sciences, ICT, P.E., Chemistry, Art , Music, Religion, Drama, English and two foreign languages ( French and German).

8. Did you have a teacher per subject?

Yes, I did.

9. How many pupils were there in your class? Between 30 and 40.

10. What time did you start and finish school?

I started school at 8.30 and finished at 15.30.

11. How many lessons did you have every day?

Two lessons, half an hour break, three lessons, one hour and a half break for lunch and the last lesson.

12. In England did you have a report per term?

Yes, I did.

13. How many terms did you have?


14. When did you have holidays?

6 weeks in summer, 2 weeks for Christmas, 13 days for Easter, 2 weeks in October ( Halloween) , 2 weeks inb February and 5 bank holidays.

15. Did you go to school by bus?

Yes, I did.

The interview is finished. Thank you very much Connor.