Ana Karla Rey, 4t ESO A
IES Josep Miquel i Guàrdia
In the picture we can see muslim women. They are dressed according to the Islamic tradition; exactly they are wearing the yachmac. According to the tradition, she also must have the hands and the face covered but at the moment it's allowed to show them
At the moment, many young girls hold important position in the government or have their own companies. The only one thing that they can't do is to be a judge, but years ago this wasn't like that; the muslin woman did the housework and looked after the children all her life. Her social life was limited to family meetings.
In the past, sometimes if a girl was born, her parents buried her in life because it was considered a shame. Today the condition of the muslin women is changing, but slowly.
Actually, a law of protection of the woman in the East has been passed. This law also protects them from the western influence, because the Koran equals the man and the woman and if the woman uses make up like the western women, the man and the woman wouldn't be completely equal.