Carla Ameller, 4t ESO C
IES Josep Miquel i Guardia
Iwant to tell you about the life of a nun because I think that it is interesting to know their life style. A nun is a person who dedicates herself to a religious life. She must belong to the Catholic religion. They live in a community, so they haven't got their own money. While they are in the community, they are under the orders of a Mother Superior. They spend their lives praying and doing jobs with their hands or sometimes they are teachers. Before they become nuns, they must take vows of chastity, that is to say, they can't have a husband.
There are cases where they can't speak; this is a vow of silence. Other times they can't have relationships out of their community. Sometimes, as I said before, they teach in a religious school. For example, in Menorca, we schools such as Sant Josep School in Maón or El Cor de Maria.
They must wear a long habit and a head dress and some have a rosary around their waist.
If they want, they can come out of the convent, that is to say, they renounce their vows. However, not many do it.