Neus Enrich, 4t ESO A
IES Josep Miquel i Guàrdia
A lot of things remind me of when I was a child, or remind me of a person. When I go to my cousin's house, and I see her playing with her "barbies" ,it reminds me of when I was about five years old, I was always playing with "barbies" because I liked it very much.
One day I went to "Ca na Maruja" and when I bought chewing gum, I saw sunflower seeds and it reminded me of when I went to primary school. Every Saturday I went to catechism lessons and when I finished, I ran to "Ca na Juanita" and I bought sunflower seeds because I loved eating them.
When I paid for the chewing gum, I also bought some sunflower seeds to remember those years.
The other day I revised the CDs that I have and I listened to a CD that my friend from BCN made for me.
When I listened to the song number seven, it reminded me of the summer because she comes here in summer and this song is her favourite one.
When she comes here, I am very often with her because I love her a lot.