Imatge del grup d?alumnes que ha redactat l?escrit


Els alumnes de 1r d'ESO B de l'IES Josep Miquel i Guàrdia d'Alaior ens brinden aquesta redacció en anglès en la que ens expliquen la celebració del Carnaval en el nostre país

IES Josep Miquel i Guàrdia
1r d'ESO B
Carnival is a Spanish tradition where people dress up and some of them throw bangers, too. Now, we are going to explain who people celebrate it in Alaior.
On Thursday 31st January, children dress up and go to the sports center where there is a musical group (Huracán) that sings songs and children dance.
On Saturday 2nd February, people dress up and go street by street making a carnival parade called "Sa Rua". Then, they arrive to the sports center where there is a jury that gives a price to the participants. At night there is a party in the sports center and people dance a lot. There are two musical groups singing some songs; the groups are Huracán and Guateke Maravillas.
On Monday night (4th February) from half past twelve until? whenever you want there is another party in the sports center sang by other groups (Fraggles and Guateke Maravillas).
On Tuesday 5th February, at seven o'clock in Ramal square there is the burning of Bernat Figuerola. A person reads his testament and then burns Bernat on a bonfire in the middle of the square.
These celebrations last for four whole days full of fun! There is not a quiet moment when carnival comes to town!!!